Atlas Cables unveils new XLR interconnects

Scotland’s Atlas Cables has launched two new analogue XLR interconnects.

The Element Mezzo uses an oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductor working with gas-loaded, high-density foamed polyethylene dielectric. It features a high-efficiency braided screen and new copper alloy XLR plug and pins. Starting at £146.25 for 0.5m, it is available at various lengths up to 3m (£188.75).

The Equator has Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) copper with a balanced core for a step up from the Element in terms of performance. The dielectric is gas-loaded, high-density foamed polyethylene with minimal screen distortion for maximum RFI protection. The plug employs OCC pins and Atlas cold weld technology. The Equator XLR starts at £475 for 0.5m with lengths up to 3m costing £600.

Both XLR cables are available to buy now and you can find out more about the Element Mezzo XLR here or the Equator XLR here.

Atlas Cables
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freykarts's picture

If I were choosing a cable on looks and feel, and if you put a paper bag over the stunning Crystal Cable Dreamline, there would be no contest. Slim and flexible and sheathed in a soft black mesh, it comes fitted with long in-house XLR connectors which Atlas boss John Carrick claims are the best in the world.
- Enjoythemusic, north shore house washing

JimmyRR's picture

Nice these would be awesome for my new garage set up. Good cables are so underrated in getting the over all quality your want in your sound. When fixing home appliances I often wish they had high quality cables too. They make the biggest difference.