Austrian Audio introduces Hi-X15 and Hi-X25BT headphones

Austrian Audio is launching two new sets of cans – the Hi-X15 closed-back headphones and the Bluetooth-equipped Hi-X25BT.

The company claims that the: “sophisticated folding design of the Hi-X15, rare in this price range, makes them easy to store and carry. They are incredibly robust, thanks to the durable all-metal hinge and bow. The closed construction and insulation of the Hi-X15 headphones open up numerous potential areas of use: studio recording sessions, a monitor on stage and a reliable companion in the rehearsal room. They’re also well suited when enjoying music at home or going out on tour.”

The Hi-X15 measures 205 x 170 x 80mm (WxHxD) and weighs 255g without the detachable 1.4m cable. Optional cables of different lengths are also available. It’s priced at £89.

The Hi-X25BT is a wireless, digital/analogue hybrid with a built-in microphone. Analogue audio comes via a detachable USB-C-to-3.5mm analogue jack cable, digital audio via a detachable USB-C cable and there’s a touch-sensitive control pad (Play, Stop, Forward, Back, Volume Up, Volume Down, Pick up Call).

It’s foldable for portability and storage, features an integrated microphone for taking calls and boasts simultaneous Bluetooth listening while recharging the battery via USB-C. Up to 30-hour wireless listening is claimed.

The Hi-X25BT measures 205 x 170 x 80mm (WxHxD)and weighs 270g without the included 1.4m jack and 1.2m USB cables. The price is £135.

Both headphones use 44mm Hi-X drivers, which the company claims creates: “distortion-free reproduction down to the lowest frequencies and allows for a linear and impressive natural reproduction of the low bass that’s accurate, not exaggerated”.

The replaceable earpads are made from soft memory foam and are specially designed to adapt to the shape of the head of the wearer.

Available to buy now, you can find out more about the Hi-X15 here and the Hi-X25BT here.

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