Classé adds Delta amps

Following the acquisition of Montréal-based Classé by Sound United in 2018, the high-end specialist has recently unveiled plans for its third-generation Delta series amplifiers with three models sporting new topology and a fresh look with a distinctive chassis and grey finish. First up, the Delta mono power amplifier (pictured right) is priced at £11,000. It’s rated at 300W into 8ohm (600W into 4) and operates in Class A up to 35W. The Delta Stereo power amplifier (left) is priced at £12,500, is rated at 2x 250W into 8ohm (2x 500W into 4) and operates in Class A up to 2x 12.5W. Both models sport channel output level VU meters on their front panels. There’s also an air intake for the active cooling system called ICTunnel (pronounced Icy Tunnel) with custom-designed louvres, which have an airfoil shape to promote smooth and low-noise airflow to the thermostatically controlled cooling fan inside that regulates the amplifier’s ideal operating temperature.

Lastly, the Delta Stereo Pre/DAC is priced at £10,000 and offers a MM/MC phono stage with gain and loading adjustments made via the front panel. Additional connectivity runs to analogue RCAs and XLRs as well as digital coax and optical inputs, USB port and networking connectivity. The Delta amplifiers are expected to be available to buy early in 2020 and you can find out more on the Classé website.

Classé Audio
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