iFi introduces iPhono3 Black Label

Incorporating technology derived from the £12,000 PH-77 phono preamp from sister-company AMR, iFi Audio’s iPhono3 Black Label MM/MC-compatible phono stage is driven by the company’s Class A TubeState engine – solid-state circuitry claimed to capture the key attributes of valves while maintaining ultra-low distortion. Its circuit is direct-coupled, meaning there’s no coupling capacitor from cartridge to output, and this is achieved without a conventional DC servo. iFi calls the design Direct Drive Servoless, incorporating a proprietary DC Infinity circuit to boost DC gain to a level approaching infinity.

The Black Label also boasts a series of DIP switches on its underside for setting gain and load. The former can be adjusted between 36dB and 72dB, while there is a wide variety of values for the latter – eight for MC and five for MM carts. Additional DIP switches allow the RIAA EQ setting to be further tuned to taste, while a toggle at one end of the iPhono3 Black Label allows the user to select between three EQ curves: RIAA, Columbia and Decca. Users can choose the standard RIAA curve – applied with +/- 0.2dB accuracy – or an enhanced version called ‘eRIAA’ offering extended high-frequency response. Alternatively, if the deck is spinning problematic warped records, the IEC setting takes the standard RIAA curve and applies a subsonic filter to tackle the issue. Finally, the eRIAA+IEC setting applies the subsonic filter to the enhanced RIAA curve.

The iPhono3 Black Label comes bundled with the 15V version of iFi’s iPower X ultra-low-noise AC/DC power supply (£99 when purchased separately). It's available to buy now for £1,000 and you can find out more about it here.

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At the iPhono3 Black Label's heart lies iFi's third era TubeState engine, the aftereffect of four many years of research into valve and transistor technology by the cheap dissertation help organization's Technical Director, Thorsten Loesch. TubeState is strong state circuitry designed to capture the key attributes that make valve circuits so sonically appealing whilst maintaining ultra-low distortion.