iFi introduces Micro iDSD Signature

iFi Audio has redesigned its Micro iDSD Black Label to create the Micro iDSD Signature DAC/headphone amplifier. The Signature edition comes equipped with enhanced circuitry and a new 4.4mm Pentaconn headphone output.

Housed in the same 177 x 67 x 28mm extruded aluminium enclosure, but sporting a Space Blue finish, the Micro iDSD Signature is a transportable DAC/headphone amplifier that can be moved around without requiring a mains socket.

The battery delivers a claimed six to 12 hours of playing time, depending on the type of headphone connected and the performance mode engaged. If the battery runs low while in use, it can be plugged into a power source to charge and play at the same time. Two Burr-Brown DAC chipsets can handle PCM files up to 32-bit/768kHz, up to DSD512 and single and double-speed DXD. MQA is also supported.

iFi has designed the Micro iDSD Signature to deliver precision sonic tailoring via switchable settings to match any headphone setup, the variation in quality of digital audio files or personal taste with the digital stage boasting a variety of filter settings: Standard, Minimum Phase and Bit-Perfect for PCM files and Standard Bandwidth, Extended Bandwidth and Extreme Bandwidth for DSD. The amp stage also has three settings to adjust power and gain: Normal, Turbo (ramps up the level of drive for current-hungry headphones) and Eco (dials down the power to suit high-sensitivity in-ears and/or extend the battery life).

Further optimisation for sensitive in-ear monitors is supplied via iFi’s IEMatch technology, which adjusts the output level to suit the listener’s requirements. Once engaged, two levels of IEMatch are available – High Sensitivity and Ultra Sensitivity.

The Micro iDSD Signature DAC/headphone amplifier is available to buy now for £650 and you can find out more about it here.

iFi Audio