Kimber's new KS Phono tonearm cable

Replacing the previous KS-1216 and KS-1236 cables, Kimber’s three-model KS (Kimber Select) Phono range comes in copper (CU), hybrid copper-silver (HB) and pure silver (AG) variants. The company says that each cable shares a construction methodology based around four 24 AWG signal conductors insulated with dye-free, air articulated PTFE to ensure minimal capacitance and dielectric losses and maximum integrity. The CU version uses copper for the four conductors, while the HB and AG cables are made using pure silver.

Shielding, to ensure the signal remains pure and hum-free, surrounds the four conductors and is manufactured using a 44 AWG, heavy (8 percent) silver-plated copper shield – the company claiming it can be drawn to finer diameters to give greater coverage while retaining flexibility. This design is common to all three variants of the KS Phono.

The grounding of the CU and HB cables is further enhanced through the use of eight 24 AWG pure copper braided conductors bonded to the shield with pure silver foil and silver solder, and are terminated in spade connectors.

The cables can be supplied with phono plugs at both ends – WBT 0102Cu for the KS Phono-CU and WBT 0102Ag for the hybrid and silver cables – or a combination of phono plugs and the traditional straight DIN or 90° SME plug for the turntable end.

Available to buy now, you can find out more about the £2,000 KS Phono-CU here the £4,000 KS Phono-HB here and the £5,400 KS Phono-AG here.

Russ Andrews (UK distributor)
01539 797300