McIntosh unveils C8 preamplifier and MC830 amplifier

Following the release of its retro-styled MA252 and MA352 integrated amplifiers, New York-based McIntosh has launched two ‘open chassis’ amplifiers, the C8 vacuum tube preamplifier and MC830 solid-state amplifier.

With style cues taken from its fifties and sixties aesthetic design heritage, McIntosh’s C8 and MC830 offer turntable connectivity via MM and MC phono inputs, digital readiness for the company’s (optional) multi-input DA2 DAC module, plus a headphone amp.

The £4,300 C8 vacuum tube preamplifier (pictured above) is powered by four 12AX7a valves and benefits from balanced and unbalanced inputs, plus moving-coil and magnet phono inputs with adjustable loading.

McIntosh’s optional DA2 Digital Audio Module can be installed by its specialist dealers for a supplement, bringing seven digital inputs: two coaxial, two optical, one USB, one proprietary MCT (for use with its SACD players), plus HDMI ARC.

The MC830 (monoblock) is a £5,000 solid-state amplifier with direct-coupled output design offering 300W into 8ohm. It also benefits from balanced and unbalanced inputs, while Power Guard technology monitors the amplifier’s output to protect against overdrive.

Another level of proprietary protection is Sentry Monitor, which disengages the MC830’s output stage before the current exceeds safe operating levels.

Both the C8 and MC830 include Power Control ports for system power-up and shut down, by sending power on/off signals to other connected McIntosh components. They also feature a user-selectable Auto Off feature, switching the power off after 30 minutes if either no signal or no user input has been detected. A die-cast aluminium name badge is affixed to each side of the chassis of each unit and the front, top and rear of the chassis is polished to a mirror finish. Each unit features a black-glass front panel with silver trim, blue Watt meter (MC830), an illuminated logo and control knobs. Available to buy now, you can find out more about McIntosh Labs' new products here.

Fine Sounds UK (UK distributor)