Musical Fidelity introduces M8xi

Musical Fidelity’s new M8xi integrated amplifier offers a separate DAC, preamplifier and two monoblock power amps housed within one large chassis.

One of the most striking aspects of the new amp is the high power output, rated at 550W into 8ohm (870W into 4ohm) with peak output of 1.6kW into 2ohm.

With Texas Instruments’ PCM5242 DAC on board, it offers compatibility with LPCM files up to 24-bit/192kHz via its brace of coaxial inputs or USB port and 24-bit/96kHz for its twin optical inputs. Additional connectivity options include six analogue inputs – four of which are unbalanced RCAs and two balanced XLRs.

Designed to operate in pure Class A, the bridged output stage efficiency has been increased from earlier models, yielding a claimed 10 percent more power while maintaining manageable voltages on the supply rails.

Available to buy for £5,650, you can find out more about the Musical Fidelity M8xi here.

Henley Audio (UK distributor)
01235 511166

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The price sure is worth it. That amplifier looks pretty modern, that would rock things out! Love the specs.

-Frey Karts, gas fitters north shore auckland

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In my opinion, the price is way too much. I think you can find something of similar quality but less pricy. Get in touch and I can show you what I'm talking about.

The Painter - Toowoomba Painter

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Yuppps the M8xi is a monster of an amplifier.
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