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Welcome to the October issue
Occasioned by the closure of Q magazine, I've put together an Opinion piece on the sad demise of the once great British music press. The gist of it is that if your business depends on finding people who are willing to pay for your thoughts on any forthcoming music release, it is likely to be in a spot of trouble.

Now, you may think it highly ironic that this piece should appear in the Opinion section of a magazine you’ve just bought, and I have to admit you’re probably right, but buying hi-fi equipment can be a complicated business and it’s likely to set you back a fair bit more than a Spotify upgrade. And that’s why we’re pleased to do what we do, tasking experts to test and rate all the latest releases so you can make an informed choice.

Anyway, this got me thinking that, as we’re coming to the close of this crazy year, it might be fun to gather some of your thoughts on the equipment you’ve personally encountered in the past 12 months or so.

To that end, if you’ve made a happy hi-fi purchase relatively recently, we’d like to know about it. Whether it’s a new set of standmounts, an amplifier upgrade, a change of turntable or a fresh foray into in-ear headphones and you’d like to share your experience, we’d really like to hear about it. Just email us at: [email protected] and title your communications ‘Favourite 2020’.

Enjoy the issue