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Among the highlights in the February issue are reviews of Fyne Audio's F502SP floorstanding loudspeakers, Pass Labs INT-25 integrated amplifier, Q Acoustic's fantastic-value 3030i standmount speakers, Sennheiser's HD 560S open-back headphones and AVID's stunning Volvere SP turntable. Also look out for our roundup of the best music streaming services for lockdown listening...
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Jan 28, 2021  |  0 comments
When lockdown is finally over and we can return to hi-fi retailers, what will you be looking to splash the cash on?
What type of loudspeaker are you planning on buying next?
Bluetooth portable
2% (24 votes)
Multi-channel (AV)
5% (55 votes)
Multi-room wi-fi
2% (27 votes)
Stereo active
19% (204 votes)
Stereo passive
71% (771 votes)
Total votes: 1081
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A keenly priced single dynamic driver design with a difference
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Unlock new sonic rewards by adding an active sub-bass speaker to your hi-fi setup
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Will this update to the Vena II retain the same performance virtues now it has a streaming platform?
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Rega's integrated dresses to impress
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The integrated that allows you to mix and match the tubes that partner it
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The Scottish company has a blossoming portfolio, but this might be its most exciting introduction yet
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Sporting advanced beryllium drivers, this standmount offers some serious hi-fi chemistry
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An entry-level range with innovative cone material that’s something to sing about