Grado unveils ‘Hemphone’

Brooklyn-based Grado Labs is launching its limited edition open-back Hemp Headphone, the first in the world to be built using hemp. In an announcement riddled with wry reefer references, the company promises a: “Brilliant, warm, and precise sound all rolled into one.”

Also known as ‘The Hemphone’, each open-air ear-cup is hand-built using a combination of the cannabis sativa plant and a more traditional wood in the form of maple, while the dynamic transducer boasts a claimed frequency response of 13Hz to 28kHz and nominal impedance of 38ohm. Having taken lessons learned from working with other exotic woods in the past, Grado explains that it was able to fine-tune the drivers to work in tandem with the maple surround, noting: “The highly compressed hemp creates a damping effect between their fibres producing a fuller sound, comprised of a noticeable low end and a top end that extends smoothly to its limits.” The Hemphone has a leather headband, metal gimbals and comes bundled with a 6.5mm ‘Golden’ adapter and extension cable. Listening exclusively to stoner rock is, we’re told, optional...

The Hemp Headphone is available to buy now for £479.95 and you can find out more about it here.