July issue now on sale

Welcome to the July issue
Looking forward. That’s what we’re doing here at HFC. Now that we’re easing out of lockdown, we’re anticipating a busy third quarter and a spectacular fourth. Our favourite companies back up and running on all cylinders! The international markets reopening! The shops pulling up their shutters and throwing open their doors! The trade shows reorganising showcase dates! All of us eager and ready for the roll-out to come.

Many of us who have managed to continue working from home may choose not to re-enter the traditional daily grind of commuting to the office. Some have grown used to creating their own customised working environment. In other words, what we do and who we are can be more one-and-the-same than ever before.

With that bright future in mind, we’re looking forward to all the new kit coming our way. And can’t wait to wrap our ears around all those postponed albums. In that spirit, among the goodies in your new issue of HFC we welcome the new Yamaha A-S3200 amp, have an exclusive interview with Dirac CEO Doctor Mathias Johansson, check out how Rega’s entry-level io integrated and Pro-Ject’s T1 Phono SB turntable stack up for beginners on a budget, Group Test six of the best single-manufacturer cable looms and celebrate the troubled genius of Janis Joplin.

So bring on the new normal, it’s good to have you with us. See you next month. Stay and connected.