June issue now on sale

Welcome to the June issue
We’re an optimistic bunch here at HFC so, although at the time of assembling this issue we’re still under lockdown, we’re looking on the bright side. There do seem to be encouraging signs there’s light at the end of the tunnel – or at least, outside our front doors – so we’ve decided to test half a dozen extremely neat wireless in-ear headphones to discover which will best suit your personal choice of soundtracks when you get to make your first joyous steps back out into the world.

We’ve also had some major fun testing a superb range of kit, from PS Audio’s Stellar Power Plant 3 to T+A’s new mini system, rummaged through the attic to dig out the long-forgotten record collections that might – fingers crossed – be harbouring something rare and valuable, settled back to appreciate the celestial harmonies of Simon & Garfunkel, grown misty-eyed for the Marantz DR6000 CD recorder and pressed pause to assess the music industry’s role in the war against climate change.

We’ve also noticed that one tiny upside to being stuck in isolation is that the cash we used to spend on petrol etc. is suddenly now available for online shopping, so feel free to check out our regular Buyers Guide at the back of this issue and go ahead, treat yourself.

Oh, and please don’t forget, if it’s still a struggle getting out and about, there’s a great ‘[email protected]’ subs offer on our website.

Until next month, stay safe and connected.