Townshend Audio debuts Allegri Reference preamp

Claimed to set a new standard in volume control performance, thanks to it 129 0.5dB steps, reed relay switched auto-transformer volume control, Townshend Audio has unleashed its new Allegri Reference preamplifier.

The microprocessor-controlled, passive preamp is internally wired with point-to-point Fractal-Wire throughout (chosen for its claimed accurate, uncoloured and open sound) and suspended on distinctive anodised aluminium Seismic Isolation legs to minimise interference. Building on the positive work of Townshend’s Allegri+, the new Reference accommodates very high source levels and very high sensitivity power amplifiers for refined volume control at very low levels, making it ideal for late-night listening. Connectivity incorporates five pairs of RCA inputs and two pairs of outs (gold plated), two pairs of XLR ins and one out alongside a 3.5mm stereo jack on the front panel. Townshend describes the preamp as embodying its renowned crystal-clear treble, open, lucid midband and subterranean bass and says it transforms the soundstage into a holographic-like experience.

The chassis is available to buy now for £8,000, comes in either natural silver or black finish and you can find out more about it here.

Townshend Audio
0208 9792155