Yamaha's new A-S Series integrateds and NS-3000 standmount

Yamaha is launching a re-engineered series of integrated amplifiers and a premium bookshelf loudspeaker. The new models – A-S1200, A-S2200 and A-S3200 integrateds and NS-3000 standmount – join the recently introduced 5000 Series.

The A-S Series of amps shares several key features with the 5000 Series, including toroidal transformers with drawn-out wiring to reduce energy loss, mechanical grounding to reduce unwanted vibrations and thick wires for ground connection for lower impedance. Each model is available in black or silver, with polished piano black sides, featuring gorgeous vintage-styled level meters and knobs on the front panel.

The £2,000 A-S1200 boasts 160W per channel power output (at 4ohm), includes a built-in MM/MC phono stage and connections incorporating 4x RCA inputs plus pre and record outputs. The £3,000 A-S2200 adds a fully discrete headphone amplifier and XLR input, while the silver-plated metal feet of the A-S1200 are upgraded to silver-plated brass in an effort to minimise ground noise. The A-S3200 costs £5,000 and increases the power output to 170W (into 4ohm). As well as doubling the XLR inputs of the A-S2200, it has improved internal components – including high-quality polyphenylene sulfide film capacitors, brass screws and gilding oxygen-free copper terminals – and larger level meters.

The new two-way NS-3000 standmount utilises Zylon – a product comparable with beryllium, but with the softness of textiles – combining a 30mm dome tweeter with a 160mm low-frequency driver. Sensitivity is quoted as being 87dB (at 6ohm) and a matching SPS-3000 stand is also available. Prices are yet to be confirmed.

Available now, you can find out more about Yamaha's A-S1200 here, A-S2200 here and the A-S3200 here.

Finally, details on Yamaha's NS-3000 standmount can be seen here.

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