Furutech introduces NCF Clear Line

Furutech has launched its NCF Clear Line audio-grade passive AC optimiser which when plugged into any vacant mains socket on either a power distributor or wall outlet, the company claims, will: “improve the performance of audio and video.” Formed with nylon resin and glass fibre, the NCF Clear Line generates negative ions to eliminate static and converts thermal energy into far infrared to eliminate electrical and mechanical resonance from the power socket and AC circuit.

All conductive metal parts are rhodium plated and have undergone Furutech’s two-stage ‘Alpha’ cryogenic and demagnetisation process to render the metal highly electrically conductive. The body and housing are secured with special tamper-proof stainless-steel screws and washers, the internal air chamber is pressure sealed for additional damping effects and the end cover is formed from a special heat-resistant nylon to increase the surface area for even greater resonance damping. The Clear Line measures 102 x 39mm, weighs in at around 100g and the company suggests a 24-hour burn-in period. It’s available to buy now for £230 and you can find out more about it here.